Green Ways 2Go makes first responder presentation at the West Chicago Fire Department Training Center

Tim Milburn, Partner in Green Ways 2Go  rolled out the First Responders Awareness program at the West Chicago Fire Department Training Center Friday, November 9th, 2018.  Around 30 firefighters spent 40 minutes in a PowerPoint session and 2+ hours poring over AFVs in the training center’s shop.  This included large CNG trucks (on loan from Waste Management and Ozinga), a new Leaf, a 2014 Volt, a number of propane and CNG vehicles, a Malibu HEV, plus a propane mower.  The group was able to learn where to find critical safeties in the event of a crash or a fire and how to mitigate risk.   Because Fire Chiefs often cannot justify having their firefighting teams off-line for prolonged periods, the course was very suited to the circumstances  This course worked for the group, as they did not have to have teams offline for a long duration, and they still gained useful info. The pre-course study material was available online so that all participants could focus more easily on the vehicles at hand as well as the instructor.  The course will be followed, through the general feedback from the participants.  GW2G will send out a survey soon so participants will be able to field more questions. 

Tim stated that he wanted to thank the Chicago Area Clean Cities for sponsoring the event and for the opportunity to increase awareness of some of the different features and risks associated with AFVs.

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