Green Ways 2Go works with clients to first thoroughly vet their investments in alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure and then assembles quality technologies and reliable contractors to bring a complete and customized solution to support sustainable transportation goals and projects.

Green Ways 2Go is a business unit of Green Way Energy, LLC (GWE).
In May 2014, we changed our brand from Green Way Smart Transportation to Green Ways 2Go. We think this will provide a more unique, representative and memorable name for our clients and partners.


To lead businesses, organizations and communities in successfully defining and deploying competent investments in proven transportation alternatives and energy use, resulting in reductions in fuel costs, foreign oil dependence, national security risks, greenhouse gases and pollution, while generating domestic jobs and economic activity


Help our clients to modernize how they use energy for transportation.


Safety comes first: for our customers, our own people, contractors and communities. We abide by a standard of conduct based on decency, respect and professionalism in everything we do. We will attract, develop and retain the best team members and encourage open communication with respect for others. We will be honest, fair and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and employees and be accountable for our actions and accept only complete customer satisfaction.