Image number 1 - Tim Milburn speaking at the River Prairie Group Sierra Club - Green Ways 2Go

Jan 19, 2022 Park Ridge, IL

Tim Milburn of Green Ways 2Go was on January 19, 2022, invited to summarize clean energy policies from global to regional scales. Tim has, from his work with major organizations in the Chicago region, summarized what is happening with the many new Federal and State climate initiatives mentioned in the recently passed CLIMATE AND EQUITABLE JOBS ACT (CEJA) and the INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT & JOBS ACT (IIJA). A video recording of the presentation is available here: Focus on Clean Energy With Tim Milburn – YouTube Be aware that more educational summary materials regarding the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) is forthcoming. The Sierra Club will be engaged in the implementation of CEJA, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, we urge you to contact your municipal permitting authorities about SolarAPP+ which greatly simplifies the permitting process, allowing permits issued in one day while assuring quality residential solar installations at lower cost. More details here.

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