Green Ways 2Go would like to proudly announce that one of our owners, Tim Milburn, has been invited to become a Steering Team Member of the Chicago Area Clean Cities (CACC) organization.  The CACC works with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, community leaders, and other transportation industry stakeholders to reduce petroleum use.  CACC was founded in 1994 and has continued to encourage it members to adopt smart, clean transportation solutions and track annual improvements in regional petroleum reduction.   The CACC is part of the US DepaChicago Clean Citiesrtment of Energy’s outreach program, to assist private businesses, public entities, not-for-profits, and other organizations in understanding the available alternative fuel technologies, current and future policies, and best practices in the application of alternative fuels like natural gas, propane auto-gas, bio-diesel, ethanol, and electric vehicles.  Tim’s role will be to advise and contribute ideas to advance the main goal of reducing pollution and its negative health impacts, in addition to reduction of  greenhouse gas emissions and its impact on climate change. We wish him success with his new assignment.

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