Image number 1 - Thinking about EV charging in Your Multiple Family Dwelling? - Green Ways 2Go

Green Ways 2Go (GW2G) specializes in evaluating MFDs for EV power capacity, defining electrical infrastructure needs and selecting the EV charging stations that fit your facility’s needs.   We start by defining how many EV charging circuits your current EV Charging infrastructure can support before contact the utility for a service upgrade.  From there we make recommendations for where to install new switchboards, panels, conduits, and wiring to enable EV charging in your garage or parking lot.   GW2G reviews a range of available solutions for metering and billing, communications and reporting, power (load) sharing to stretch your building’s existing capacity.  If a service upgrade is needed, we can facilitate this.  Finally, we assist MFD owners to access available federal and state incentives.

Interested? check out our Electric Vehicle Charging Guidebook for Multiple Family Dwellings!

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