Green Ways 2Go, represented by Paul Jensen and Ed Gruchalla, was late summer 2018 visiting the 44.88 kW solar power plant sold and installed to Mr. Mark Nisbet for his property in Fisher, MN. The solar farm has four arrays consisting of 136 Solar PV panels 330 W (DC) each, controlled by four 10 kW 240V 60 Hz Inverters.

With the solar panel installation, Mark Nisbet’s farm is at times completely self-sufficient”. Connected to the distribution network of the Red River Valley Cooperative it is injecting energy into the grid during the day with any capacity not utilized by the farm”.

Image number 1 - Solar Farm supplied by Green Ways 2Go has excellent energy production! - Green Ways 2Go

Drone overview S SE

The image to the left shows the arrays from above.

The supplier and contractor for the solar power plant were Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL Solar) from Backus, MN, represented by Mr. Ben Butcher, the Project Manager from RREAL.

Green Ways 2Go is proud of the result of this project and continues to ensure that Mark Nisbet’s project is producing the planned energy output.


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