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CT4027-GW1: DUAL Port Gateway-L2, TALL 208/240V 30 Amp. EV Charging Station, Wall-Mounted, 23′ Cord

$ 10,460.00

This ChargePoint Level 2 EV Charger, Model CT4027-GW1, is an extra tall (8 feet) wall-mounted station that has two connections (cords) for charging two EVs at the same time.  The CT 4027-GW1 provides 208 to 240 Volt power at up to 30 amperes (Level 2) for charging all EVs that have a standard SAE J1772 Charge Connection.  For buildings with power limits, Power Sharing is available, to allow two EVs to be charged simultaneously with a single 30 A circuit.

This CT 4027-GW1 is a Gateway unit, meaning it includes a built in 3G cellular connection that can communicate via the Cloud using a ChargePoint Commercial Service Plan (see below).    Charging events are simply activated with easily available ChargePoint smart cards.   Color user video interface on each station provides clear and simple directions for charging, including billing.  Taller top section allows for longer signage and has 23′ cord.  The cord is fully retractable, making charging easy and no cords will ever be left on the ground.  Click on image to see more detail.

 Please also consider including the following plans with your EV charging station

  • Commercial Service Plan for network communications network for managing billing, GPS locating, reservations, reporting, administration and more features.
  • Station Initial Activation Plan
  • Station Management Service (3-year) Plan
  • Assure Service Plan, for aftermarket parts and labor.
  • These programs may be provided for one year or multiple years, with discounts for multiple year purchases.

Please contact Green Ways 2Go for these and other options, pricing and installation of EV chargers at your location.


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ChargePoint TALL Model CT4027-GW2 Level 2 Station, 7.2 kW: Dual Station, Gateway with Wall Mount, 8 feet tall with 23 feet Cord and Overhead Cord Management, Color Video Display, Smart Card Reader and Power Sharing


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