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CleanFuel USA P2000 Series Autogas Dispenser

P2000 Series: Clean Fuels USA basic fleet dispenser for industrial and commercial fleets

Now with eConnect proprietary fleet management system

All models are provided with the following features:

  • Simple to use, attractive dispenser with all of the electronic functionality of the larger dispensers
  • Comes with one or two hoses and nozzles – second nozzle for bottle filling
  • Easy to read backlit LCD displays with fuel and cost totals 

CleanFuel USA P2000 Series

  •  12′ hose with breakaway protection
  • Communication with most fuel management systems
  • Low frame, low hose
  • Flow Meter: Liqua Tech standard included (Liquid Controls optional)
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Optional
  • Explosion proof, safe electrical operation
  • Typically mounted integrally with tank, pump on skid – ready to install once delivered – just need electrical hookup and fuel


CleanFuel USA P2000 Series Propane Autogas Dispenser

Two Models are available:

  • Pro 2100 – single nozzle for vehicle fueling
  • Pro 2200 – dual nozzle – one nozzle for vehicle fuel, one nozzle for bottle filling (e.g. BBQ or RV Bottles)


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