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ChargePoint Service Programs

Green Ways 2Go offers all ChargePoint service programs. Please contact Green Ways 2Go  to discuss these services and we will be glad to provide services,  parts and installation support that fit your needs and budget.

The EV Charging stations are provided with 12 months of warranty to repair or replace any manufacturing defects.  Labor is not included in this standard warranty, but can be integrated into a warranty package, called the “Assure Service Plan“, defined below.

Site Validation

On-Site Validation of electrical capacity, transformers, panels, breakers, wiring, cellular coverage and that station installation meets all ChargePoint published requirements.

Note that a failed Site Validation will incur a second validation fee to repeat the validation after the site deficiencies are corrected. Site is defined as a group of stations all connected to the same electrical panel. $599

ChargePoint Assure Service Plans

Parts and On-Site Labor to repair or replace any manufacturing defect. Includes remote monitoring of station and proactive repair dispatch.

  • Offered up to five (5) years for CT4000 series and up to 2 years for CPE series DC Fast Chargers
  • Price varies whether Assure program is purchased with unit or if purchased later

Policy:  A successful Site Validation is required to activate any ChargePoint Assure product, including the initial 1-year ChargePoint Assure coverage included with the purchase of a ChargePoint EV Charging Station and additional years of ChargePoint Assure coverage.

Any CT4000 station that is still under an original 1 year Parts-Only Warranty is eligible for ChargePoint Assure coverage for the remainder of that 1 year term at no cost upon successful completion of a CT4000 Site Validation.

Site Validation is not required when installation was performed by a ChargePoint national Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Partner or a Channel Partner that has qualified to self-certify.

Initial Station Activation & Configuration Services

  • Activate ChargePoint Service Plans
  • Activate ChargePoint Warranties
  • Configure Radio Groups
  • Configure Custom Groups
  • Configure Connections
  • Configure Access Control
  • Configure Visibility Control
  • Configure Pricing
  • Configure Reports and Alerts
  • Policy:
 One time initial service

Station Management Services

  • Complete management of EV Station configuration
  • Unlimited changes to station pricing, access, and visibility policy
  • Unlimited adds and changes to station groups
  • 24/7/365 station monitoring
  • Monthly summary and Quarterly detailed reports
  • Combine with ChargePoint Assure for 98% uptime guarantee and 1 business day response
  • Policy: requires separate purchase of Software Service Plan(s) and Activation & Configuration Service. 8am ET to 6pm PT support.

Repair / Exchange Services

Ship Level 2 Charging Core to ChargePoint for repair of damaged cord and/or plug.  ChargePoint will repair or replace at our option with new or refurbished parts.  ChargePoint will ship repaired unit to any location in North America

Policy: Repairs beyond damaged cord and plugs will be billed at Time and Materials.

Time and Material Services Field and Dispatch Labor

Non-warranty non-maintenance agreement field and dispatch labor.

 Billed as 4 hour min, 30 minute increments thereafter. Travel time not included in minimum and is additional@$75/hr.

Remote Support Labor

Non-warranty non-maintenance agreement remote ChargePoint support labor

1 hour minimum, 15 minute increments @ $120/hour

Parts and Materials

Repair parts for all models are available. Please contact Green Ways 2Go  for these parts pricing and installation support.


ChargePoint offers a range of Service Programs to provide EV Charging Station owners with a wide range of protections against issues and damages that may occur.  This includes standard warranties, extended warranties, parts and labor warranties (Assure Service Plan), Site Validation and more.


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