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Alternative Fuel ROI Modeling Services

Green Ways 2Go has developed a comprehensive model to support fleet owners in making good investments decisions. When considering the use of alternative fuels such as Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Liquid natural Gas (LNG), E85, Biodiesel and Electrical Vehicles, this is the model for you. The presentation reviews a robust way for investment analysis to be completed. Green Ways 2Go can assist you in making decisions about 1) which alternative fuel (if any) makes the most sense for your business 2) what the payback profile looks like 3) how to roll your plans out over multiple years, 4) the influence of incentives and taxation for your location and more. The ROI Modeler link here will provide you with more information on how our modeler works.

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Green Ways 2Go would be pleased to assist you by applying alternative fuel vehicle and infrastructure data based on your needs and inputting them into our Return On Investment Modeler.  To learn more, please see

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