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Propane Autogas Equipment

Green Ways 2Go offers CleanFuel USA propane autogas dispensing equipment. CleanFuel USA is the leading manufacturer of propane fueling systems in the US. Autogas is a type of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) with a high propane content, intended for use in vehicle engines.

Our offerings include dispensers, storage tanks (500 to 18,000 gallons, horizontal or vertical mount), pumps and ancillary equipment that can provide fuel from one or two nozzles, for fueling vehicles and / or propane bottles. These systems can be employed by fleets and by retail fuelers. The equipment can be integrally skid-mounted or can be installed separately. Skid-mounted fueling systems consist of steel frame-mounted fuel tanks with integral pumps, controls, and dispensers, other ancillary equipment. For skid-mounting, the main skid comes with the following components:
• Tank(s) with level monitors, pressure relief systems, temperature monitoring
• Pump/motor/regulator/piping
• Liquid feed lines, liquid recirculation lines, vapor return lines and interconnections, valves, sensors and controls
• Pressure relief systems
• Dispenser w/ breakaways, fuel flow and price and other data readouts
• Pony skids may be added to provide additional storage volume. Pony skids tie into main skid piping and dispenser and may be included as part of an original design or added to an existing storage system.
• Note, these skid-mounted items are assembled and pre-tested in Texas and shipped to site (except for Fuel Management System, which will be delivered separately

For retail sites, the dispenser is commonly installed on a refueling island, much like traditional gasoline and diesel fueling. Tank(s), pumps and other refueling equipment will be located remotely from the dispenser, may be skid mounted, ground mounted or even buried. Installation requires underground autogas and electrical power lines to be run from the dispenser and the storage tank and pump. If a Fuel Management System is included, this will typically be mounted near the dispenser.

For any installation, electrical panels with pump motor controls and Emergency Stop Button are provided.

The dispensers are able to provide normal readouts of gallon, pricing and are able to use credit cards, smart cards and RFID devices. The point of sale communication system can work with standard Gilbarco protocols or use CleanFuel USA’s eConnect cloud based system.

CleanFuel USA offers 5 families of dispensers. All Clean Fuel USA Dispensers are provided with the following features:
• Communication: Gilbarco protocol 2-wire output
• Nozzle: Gasguard GG20
• Filter: Internal 60-80 mesh strainer
• Display: LCD backlit, gallons and price
• Secure fueling: Electronic (touch) keypad – login/logout
• eConnect billing option is built in to each dispenser for display and can be optionally activated and used as alternative to Fuel Master
• Dispensers can include Credit Card Reader in Dispenser (CRIND) with Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)

Systems vary by customer needs, but with the available variety of dispensers and storage capacities, we will be pleased to provide you with an assessment and a quotation to suit your needs.

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