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ChargePoint EV Charging Stations

ChargePoint EV Charging Stations

Green Ways 2Go offers Level 2 and DC Fast EV chargers from ChargePoint, for public parking, workplace, homeowner associations, governmental, municipal and many other applications. ChargePoint is the leading supplier of EV Charging Stations in the US and worldwide due to their award-winning, appealing, highly functional and robust range of EV charger designs.   ChargePoint provides 5 families of products for the market’s needs (more information provided in the table below):

  • CT 4000: All-purpose public and private charging stations
  • CPF 25: Private fleet depot and multi-unit dwelling charging stations
  • CPE 100: Public and private DC fast charging stations
  • CPE 200: Public and private DC ultra-fast charging stations
  • CPE 250: Public and private DC increased ultra-fast charging stations

ChargePoint also provides a home charging station, model CPH25, also simply called ChargePoint “Home” Charger.  The Home unit is a Level 2 private use, 25 miles per hour range, using Wifi communications, and includes an 18′ or 23′ cord options.

Across this range of applications, ChargePoint provides:

  • Smart, connected, networked chargers at all power levels
  • UL safety and standards compliance
  • Maintenance-free designs
  • Widest temperature range operation

ChargePoint stations offer the renown and widely-available built-in wireless EV charging network technology.  Cellular-based publically-shared networks (CT4000, CP100, CP200) provide EV drivers with the ability to easily find the next charging station using a smart device or any computer. This ChargePoint network is the largest EV charging network in the US, providing extensive access to public charging stations. Furthermore, the ChargePoint Network is shared by other EV charging station vendors. ChargePoint’s GPS-based solution pinpoints nearby locations, provides directions, and may include the ability to reserve a charging station – so you know the station is ready for you when you arrive.

ChargePoint networks also provide advanced reporting to let you know how much electricity is being used and the corresponding pollution offset. Importantly, the EV driver only needs his/her Smart Card and just waves it in front of the charger to start the charging process. The network then manages any billing directly to the EV drivers credit card account. The owner of the commercial EV Charging Station will pay the electricity bill and in return receive periodic payments from the electricity sold through the ChargePoint network.

Charging Stations are either Wall-Mounted or Bollard/Pedestal-Mounted. Wall mounting means the back side of the station is affixed to a wall with properly specified bolts. Bollard or pedestal mounting means the bottom side of the station is bolted to the floor with properly specified bolts.  Charge cables come in 18 or 23 feet lengths and can be provided with cord management systems.

All stations come with 1-year parts warranty, with options to extend. To ensure continuous station up-time, ChargePoint’s Assure Service Plan is also available which includes on-site labor in addition to parts, for up to four years.

Green Ways 2Go is qualified to assess the specific needs of your site and will be happy to also provide you with installation costs, competitive pricing for the EV Charging Station that best suits your needs. We will also be pleased to assist you in evaluating existing or future rebates and in making informed Electric Vehicle decisions.

Pricing notes:

  • Pricing shown is Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
  • Green Ways 2Go periodically offers special pricing, in collaboration with ChargePoint.
  • Aftermarket parts and services are also available for the following product series: CT 4000, CPF 25, Express (CPE 100) and Express Plus (CPE 200).

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