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Alternative Fuel Consulting Services

Green Ways 2Go assists our clients in making informed decisions, financially, practically and environmentally.

For fleet owners, this process starts with looking at the potential vehicle investments and then deciding which alternative fuel(s) to consider, which and how many vehicles to change and when to change them, what the cost and operational impacts are, and other factors. Fuel choice depends on typical driving mileage and fuel economy (mpg) for current fuel (i.e. gasoline and diesel fuels), current type of vehicle (gasoline vs. diesel), availability and cost of utility gas, daily routes and other factors.

Green Ways 2Go can model the investment scenarios for your specific operation and paint a clear picture of various alternatives, allowing you to make a decision based on sound economics. We can also help you understand how you would positively impact your fleet’s environmental footprint.

For retail fueling, Green Ways 2Go can model your Return on Investment based on current and projected fuel costs.

Please contact us for more information (https://greenways2go.com/contact/) .

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