5-28, 2015,  @greenways2go/evnews Exciting News: Green Ways 2Go demonstrates the new Level 2 Plugless EV charging technology at Chicago Area Clean Cities Green Fleet Event in Wheaton, IL.  Plugless means hands free, no cords and plugs: just pull up and park over the charger and everything else happens automatically. Imagine, never forget to plug in again!

13-Plugless Componets with Captions

The principal is called inductive charging and works like your electric toothbrush, razor or cell phone, just a larger version.  A current is passed through a transmitter coil located on the ground (see image).  This current induces an electromagnetic field that induces a counter-current through an air gap into a receiver coil, mounted under the EV.  This coil then supplies electricity to the EV’s battery through some innovative circuitry, filling up the EV’s battery without the need for plugs and cords.  This Plugless charger fills the EVs battery at the same rate as a corded Level 2 charger.


Transmitter Coil

The Event’s visitors saw a Chevy Volt being charged by a live Plugless system.  Most people commented this was a very cool, innovative and a useful idea.  The primary benefit is convenience, and as such, this new technology makes charging effortless. For the Chevy Volt, which can also operate on gasoline, this means the temptation to use gasoline miles instead of electrical miles is gone, resulting in more electric miles being driven.  Studies have shown that under certain circumstances (e.g. bad / cold weather, tired or late at night, “my hands were full”, etc.), people will tend to defer charging and instead may opt to consume gasoline, even when the cords and plugs are available.   With Plugless, all one needs is to park the EV and charging starts automatically.  Many people were surprised that the technology was already available commerciTims Voltally.  The technology has been available nationally since last summer, but is new to Illinois, with this demonstration unit being the first Illinois installed, being semi-permanently installed in Park Ridge, IL in May 2015 for daily charging.

Green Ways 2Go is an Illinois-based consulting and technology supply firm specializing in EV infrastructure education and provision of turnkey solutions, including Plugless Charging.

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