Image number 1 - Mar 21/2022 - Paul Jensen of Green Ways 2Go facilitates German State TV Deutsche Welle's visit to North Dakota. - Green Ways 2Go

Deutsche Welle, the German State operated TV channel, visited North Dakota from 3/20/2022 until 3/24/2022 and had the opportunity to meet with State Leaders and local environmental groups, Dakota Resources Council in Bismarck, Sioux Tribal Council Member Cody Two Bears and Jim Kambeitz co-founder of Lightspring, LLC in Bismarck. A team consisting of the Washington Bureau chief Ines Pohl, The Producer David Sloan and Cameraman Nils Huehnerfuerst were presented with an opportunity to hear the view from the Native American’s position related to the pipeline issues. Later in their trip we visited with the plan manager Clint Jewett of NextEra Wind power project Ashtabula I, II, and III near Luverne ND which is the state’s largest wind power plant.

Safely back in Fargo on 3/22/2022 the team conducted several interviews with city and state leaders. Mrs. Arlette Preston, Current City Commissioner who is running for the position of Mayor at the upcoming election in June of 2022, and State Senator Merrill Piepkorn who is on the State’s Energy Development and Transmission Committee. Furthermore, Ms. Sonja Kaye of the local grass roots organization C.L.E.A.N. interviewed on the subject of carbon sequestration which is high on the agenda of State Governor Burgum and the lignite and coal industry representation. You will have to wait a while before the interviews will be broadcast, but once they do, we will provide the links here: Energy Transition? The U.S. and Oil | Reporter – On Location | DW | 09.04.2022 Latest Programs | DW

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