ROI modeler for alternative fuels

4/13/2015: ROI Modeler from Green Ways 2Go!
A brand new investment grade ROI modeler for alternative fuels is now ready from Green Ways 2Go.
The modeler delivers an ROI set of documents to satisfy the most discerning owner or banker. All conceivable elements are included. Don’t waste time on “back of the envelope” models from the Internet that will only hint at the profitability of making the necessary investments. With our Modeler you will be able to make decisions with your eyes wide open. You’ll have it all under control.

Choose fuel types, vehicle types and a diverse mix of vehicles. We model natural gases such as LNG and CNG and also EV, Biofuels and Propane solutions that will show you results when owning the fueling systems, leasing equipment or vehicles, or use 3rd party fueling facilities and choose fast fill or time fill CNG solutions. The model also includes gradual vehicle conversions/replacement, year over year measured roll out, with nonlinear vehicle acquisitions and includes state and federal incentives. Every combination is available. Get peace of mind. to learn more visit our ROI Modeler page and/or call Green Ways 2Go for pricing and a more detailed presentation that will leave you in control.

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