Chicago: June 7, 2016     3:48 PM

Our sister company, Blue Whale Vessels (BWV), with offices in Illinois, California and North Dakota is proud to announce that, it now offers large Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Stationary Type 1 Cylindrical Storage Vessels for vehicular and other transportation CNG refueling in North America.  BWV offers two sizes of 36 inch OD tanks.  The smaller size holds nearly three times the volume of conventional ground storage cylinders or spheres and the longer cylinders hold twice this volume. This will provide CNG transportation refueling stations with larger volume and simplified storage solutions, significantly reducing initial costs on a $ per Gallon basis, while reducing maintenance and providing a footprint only slightly larger than the smaller conventional storage cylinders commonly in use today.

The new sizes offer a significant improvement for high volume fueling demands.

38' vessel (2)



For further information, please contact:  
Blue Whale Vessels

Paul Jensen, Telephone: (701) 212-1231

Tim Milburn, Telephone: (847) 826-3314



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