VehiclesFinding Answers about Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Electric Vehicles

Navigating one’s way through the maze of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Electric Vehicles is a challenge with many questions, such as:

o  Which AFVs or EVs and available, expected and applicable to your needs?
o  How will this change in vehicles affect my daily operation?
o  Should I consider petroleum alternatives or use EVs?
o  For internal combustion engines,
     •  Which engines and vehicles are EPA certified?
     •  Should I buy a new AFV or convert my existing vehicle(s)?
o  What is the best AFV or EV that fits my needs?

The links in the Navigator below make it easy to find qualified vendors who sell, convert or lease AFVs and EVs. This Navigator breaks down the decisions by type of alternative, by vendor or OEM, by the procurement process and by the type of vehicle. Select a quadrant and choices will present themselves. The quadrants on the right side will provide reports that can be downloaded for free. The quadrants on the left will send you to useful websites.