Image number 1 - Green Ways 2Go completes the delivery of the 10 new charging locations for the Fargo Roberts Ramp Smart Energy pilot project. - Green Ways 2Go

Green Ways 2Go is pleased to announce the completion of its supply for the Fargo Roberts Ramp Smart Energy pilot project supplied by EVSE | Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations | ChargePoint. A preview will be held on Wednesday December 9 between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM under the auspices of Mike Williams, Parking Commissioner for the City of Fargo. The ChargePoint Chargers are the CT4021 wall mounted J1772 Level 2 chargers with an output of 7.2 kW at 240 V 60Hz

The new EV Chargers will have a total of ten (10) J1772 plugs available for the public to use when parked. The supply of chargers will be part of a pilot project initiated by eSmart of Halden in Norway that supplied the City of Fargo with their power management software. This is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software (SCADA) used to manage power generated from a 15-kW solar array at the top of the ramp and seen in the initial flyover at the beginning of the video. Additionally, a 15-kW battery bank is used to store energy from the solar panels. The system can also through the use of an algorithm utilize solar or wind power from Xcel energy’s grid, at times of the day when the prices are useful. Customers will be able to utilize their account with ChargePoint by simply having their credit card billed for the amount of energy consumed. Initially, the City of Fargo offers the supply for free, but it will be modified at some point in time. Watch the video and see the pictures from the new ramp that was recently completed. Important key players in the projects are Mike Williams -Parking Commissioner, John Flory and Frode Teigen of eSmart, Matt and his colleagues from Magnum Electric, as well as Mike Redlinger, Assistant City Manager for the City of Fargo. Go visit and try it out if you own an EV.

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