Fargo, October 27, 2017

Green IMG_2873Ways 2Go, represented by Paul Jensen and Ed Gruchalla is proud to announce the signing of an order for a 44.88 kW solar power plant for Mr. Mark Nisbet’s property in Fisher, MN. The project will be a large array consisting of 136 Solar PV panels 330 W (DC) each, controlled by four 10 kW 240V 60 Hz Inverters.

Mr. Nisbet’s solar array will have an unobstructed view south and is ideally located to harvest as much solar energy as possible. Mr. Nisbet is already heavily invested in Renewable energies as the Regional Manager for Xcel Energy, a company that aggressively has invested in North Dakota and Western Minnesota over the years, predominantly through wind power plants.

“With the new solar panel installation, my farm will at times be completely self-sufficient”, said Mr. Nisbet. “However, it is not an independent installation. The farm still has to connect with the distribution network of the Red River Valley Cooperative,  and will be able to inject energy during the day with the capacity not utilized by the farm”.

In the image above from left to right shows: Ed Gruchalla, Mark Nisbet and Paul Jensen at the contract signing meeting.

The supplier and contractor for the new solar power plant are Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL Solar) from Backus, MN. which was represented by Mr. Ben Butcher, the Project Manager of RREAL.

“We are very excited about this prestigious order for a solar power plant,” said Paul Jensen, President, and CEO of Green Ways 2Go. We are pulling out all stops to complete the installation by the end of this calendar year. Once the pillars for the solar array are on the ground and the cable trenches dug we expect to complete the project in less than a month.  Instrumental in reaching agreement was Mr. Ed Gruchalla, a consultant to Green Ways 2Go.

The new solar plant is truly Green Ways 2Go. 



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