Green Ways 2Go Presenting to County Officials at the Kane County Green Fleet Seminar

Tim Milburn, Partner of Green Ways 2Go, is tomorrow presenting his paper on “Alternative Fuels- Return On Investment (ROI), at the Kane County, Illinois Green Fleet seminar.  The seminar, arranged for officials in Kane County will take place July 30, 2015 from 10 AM to 2 PM in the Government Center at 719 S. Batavia Avenue, Geneva, IL, Building A.

Alternative Fuel ROI Modeling Services

Tim will speak on the economics involved in choosing the most suitable alternative fuel sources for fleet owners. Tim, who is the author of the newly developed ROI Model workbook by Green Ways 2Go, will outline many of the parameters that goes into developing a business case for inclusion of alternative fuels in the County’s fleet. The model and its applicability will be presented, thereby giving the attendees opportunity to consider their own process of including cleaner alternative fuels for the future.

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