Green Ways 2Go Presenting new Plugless EV Charging System to County Officials at the Kane County Green Fleet Seminar

Tim Milburn, Partner of Green Ways 2Go, is presenting the new Evatran Plugless Charging System, at the Kane County, Illinois Green Fleet seminar.  The seminar, arranged for officials in Kane County will take place July 30, 2015 from 10 AM to 2 PM in the Government Center at 719 S. Batavia Avenue, Geneva, IL, Building A.  Plugless Volt Drawing from Rear

Tim will explain how the new Plugless electrical charging system works and the benefits associated with never again having to plug in a charger cable to an EV Vehicle, thereby allowing for greater overall vehicle availability. Tim will be showing a short video of the system installed in his personal vehicle, a Cheverolet Volt.  

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