November 8, 2022

Image number 1 - Green Ways 2Go now authorized channel partners for FreeWire DC Fast Chargers - Green Ways 2Go
FreeWire Boost 150 kW Charger

Green Ways 2Go is excited to announce a new channel partner agreement with FreeWire Tech, introducing their American Made Boost 150 Ultra-Fast Charger, truly a step in the right direction for rural EV Fast Charging stations. What a Level 2 charger can charge in 10 hours, this DC Fast Charger does in 20 minutes. The charging speed translates to 100 range miles in 10 minutes! 

This video link explains the American Made FreeWire chargers: Modernizing the Grid with Ultrafast Charging & Energy Storage – YouTube A unique feature of the DC Fast charger is the built-in battery bank of 160 kWh energy storage that effectively will combat Demand Charges on your utility bill.

Capable of operating on a split phase 240 Volt or a 3 phase 208 Volt supply system, the Freewire charger fits well where a 480 Volt 3 phase supply is not available. FreeWire is ideal for installation in rural, workplace, retail, and other settings, where the cost of upgrading the electrical utility supply infrastructure can be prohibitive. The icing on the cake is, that rather than eating into profit margins, expensive utility peak power demand charges will be managed and minimized, since the charger controls the grid demand to never exceed 27 kW, compared to the 100 – 175 kW of other similar DCFCs.

The Freewire Charger can deliver 2 X 75 kW simultaneously or 1 X 150 kW through a single cable plug, meaning it is NEVI-Ready. And the charger complies fully with the Made in America requirements of the HR 3684 Bill (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021).

One Boost 150 charger can under optimum conditions charge up to 20 EVs per day using a much smaller overall footprint than other DCFCs. Truly a DC Fast Charger for easy deployment to any place in the electrical distribution network. Add to that a simplified permitting process and you have a easy pathway installing Fast Charging in rural, retail, workplace infrastructure, and other locations having energy supply restrictions.

Contact us today to hear more about this new charge and how to benefit from this innovative technology.

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