Image number 1 - Webinar on Electric Vehicle Charging for Multi-Unit- Dwellings by Tim Milburn of Green Ways 2Go - Green Ways 2Go

October 19, 2022

Tim Milburn of Green Ways 2Go presented his latest version of his book on EV Charing for Multi Family Dwellings. The book discusses issues that property managers need to plan for. Tim applied findings discussed in his book as the basis for his slide presentation. The new edition details the range of decision factors related to planning when installing EV Charging Stations and discusses the supporting electrical infrastructure in MUDs, including identifying current EV charging capacity for retrofit installations. This also included planning requirements of expanding capacity over time for existing or new construction, plus costing and cost sharing, EV charging station choices, billing and electricity metering, and much more. Have a look at the below link to view the one hour presentation. This is a worthwhile hour of your time if you are a decision maker for multi family dwellings. Log in through the links below.


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