Image number 1 - Fargo's New Fast DC Charger from Green Ways 2Go - Green Ways 2Go

The City of Fargo on December 2nd. inaugurated the ChargePoint Fast Charger supplied by Green Ways 2Go and installed by Superior Electric of Fargo. The new charger will deliver an output of 62.5 kW DC and will work for vehicles equipped with a CCS1 or a CHAdeMo socket. Electric vehicles may expect to charge anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the residual in the car batteries. For now, the charging is free so, if you own a vehicle that can accept the high-speed charging, you are in luck! This brings the total of Fast Chargers in Fargo to four, three of which have been installed with CCEC customers. They are Hornbacher’s West Fargo, West Acres Mall north parking lot, and the FM Visitors Center along I-94 on the North Side, 20th Avenue S, where the famous woodchipper is on display. There will be more in the future. Other public charging stations level 2 can be found in the Roberts Ram parking structure, Roberts Street, Fargo in the basement. The photos shown below are from various stages of the installation process showing the supply panels and the charger in various stages of being assembled. Superior Electric did a superior job.

Image number 13 - Fargo's New Fast DC Charger from Green Ways 2Go - Green Ways 2Go

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