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Advisory Services

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Green Ways 2Go assists client teams in developing strategies related to clean transportation.  This starts by defining which types of vehicles make the most business, operational and environmental sense now and in the future, including completing current vehicle and fleet usage assessments, vehicle retirement strategies, options for migrating to alternative fuel vehicles, purchasing, leasing and vehicle conversion strategies, vehicle right sizing, Return On Investment modeling and more.

Similarly, for alternative fuel and charging infrastructure, Green Ways 2Go provides clients with fair and fact-based best practice ideas, investment selection options, and trade off ideas to fit their specific application.  This includes considerations for whether to invest in your own or use third party infrastructure, technology and installation options, utility interactions to consider, and available or coming incentives.  Simply put, we can help develop an upfront strategy and plan that establishes the viability of all the investments needed when moving to alternative transportation solutions, considering strategic goals for sustainability, operational, and financial outcomes.

For more information, please see our ROI Modeling information or Contact Us.

EV Readiness Project Services

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In 2019 and 2020, Green Ways 2Go acted as the Project Manager for a program called “Becoming EV Ready”, in partnership with the Chicago area’s Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.  This project was funded by the Joyce Foundation.  This work produced the following tools, targeting Illinois communities:

EV Ready Checklist (“Checklist”). This tool lists over 200 actions for a local government to consider when setting EV and charging policies, permitting and inspection rules and best practices, new construction plans, parking considerations, utility and community engagements, regional collaboration, electrifying municipal fleets and more.

EV Readiness Decision Guide for Local Government (“Guide”). This tool is a companion to the Checklist and helps communities learn about the choices, inform and establish budgets and purchasing strategies for EV and EV Charger purchasing decisions, siting and installation, incentives, ideas for the future and more.

Green Ways 2Go can support local governments by providing advisory services to facilitate the process of becoming “EV Ready”.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your community plan.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your community’s EV Readiness planning.


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Green Ways 2Go is familiar with federal and state incentive programs including tax credits, rebates, grant vouchers, programs and favorable lending programs.

We can assist you in identifying current and pending applicable incentive programs and with the application processes for these Laws and Incentive Programs.