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Complete planning, design, installation and incentive support

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  EV investment strategies 

  •    Define types of EVs for business, operational and environmental goals
  •    Assess vehicle and fleet usage
  •    Define vehicle retirement strategies
  •    Purchase, lease and vehicle conversion strategies
  •    Vehicle right sizing


EV Charging Make Ready Infrastructure strategies  

  •    Apply best practices investment selection options
  •    Define metering and billing strategiesmake ready infrastructure
  •    Size and select Level 2 and DC Fast Charging technology
  •    Consider options to invest in your own EV charging or use third party recharging
  •    Assist in siting EV Charging stations
  •    Provide turnkey EV Charging electrical make-ready installation options and costs
  •    Support utility interactions
  •    Complete Return On Investment modeling (see ROI Modeling information)
  •    Provide information on available or coming incentives.

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Green Ways 2Go is familiar with federal and state incentive programs including tax credits, rebates, grant vouchers, programs and favorable lending programs.

We can assist you in identifying current and pending applicable incentive programs and with the application processes for these Laws and Incentive Programs.