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Turnkey alternative fueling and charging solutions for fleets and retailers


Green Ways 2Go is the authorized representative of Atlas Copco Natural Gas Compressors in the North Midwest US. Atlas Copco is a global leader in providing high pressure gas compressors, fuel dispensers, fuel control systems, gas storage and drying systems, after market support and more. Atlas Copco has been in business since 1873, has supplied over 1,200 CNG systems and is recognized as one of the top sustainability companies in the world. Click on logo to left to learn more about the Atlas Copco company and its technologies. With many recent discoveries of natural gas reserves in North America, the opportunity to significantly reduce transportation operating costs is creating a growing demand for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) and the corresponding need for fueling infrastructure. We work with clients to decide which NGV fueling options make the most practical and economical sense.

Propane Autogas

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Green Ways 2Go provides the latest Propane Autogas (a high quality type of LPG for transportation use) fueling technologies to fit your specific requirements. This includes fleet, business or retail station fueling. Propane Autogas fueling solutions start with sizing and selecting equipment, defining site requirements and then providing and installing Propane Autogas equipment. We work with the leading provider of Propane Autogas fueling equipment, Clean Fuel USA. Clean Fuel USA also does vehicle conversions to Propane Autogas. Click on logo to left to learn more about the Clean Fuel USA.

EV Charging

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We work clients to determine the most logical sites for charging, including the most economical paths for the electrical connections. Green Ways 2Go features ChargePoint EV Supply Equipment and Network Services through Carbon Day Automotive. ChargePoint is the leading supplier in the US and globally for EVSE and network solutions. We have installed 16 ChargePoint chargers and 4 Tesla charging systems in Illinois.

We also offer ABB Level 3 DC Fast Chargers. These Level 3 DC chargers support both the CHAdeMO and  SAE Combo standards. Click on logos to the left to learn more about these technologies.

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