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Near Zero Emission 12 liter engines have arrived

Cummins Westport debuts 2018 natural gas engine lineup Cummins Westport released its model year 2018 dedicated natural gas engines for regional haul truck/tractor, vocational and transit, school bus, and refuse applications on Tuesday at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, Calif. Cummins Westport says the

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October was one of the better months for emission legislation!

The article, published by Vox and written by Brad Plumer, is an accumulation of good news. It is encouraging to read that many initiatives are coming together to help mitigate the negative effects of polluting emissions. Read his article here: October has been a remarkable month for climate

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Needs for a Smarter Energy Future

Many ideas, beliefs, facts, fictions, opinions, processes, practices, policies, resources, technologies, laws and regulations are intertwined in the complex balance between the energy sourcing, energy use and sustainability and between the needs and wants of political forces, special interests, national security, economists, investors, environmentalists, religious groups, healthcare

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