Atlas Copco BBR CNG Compressor

Atlas Copco BBR CNG Compressor

Altas Copco BBR Compressor System Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Product Family:

Green Ways 2Go can provide a complete CNG system from Atlas Copco.  We can also assist you in teaming up with qualified and experienced designers and installers, including all aspects of a turnkey solution, from project evaluation, site assessment, permitting and rebates through equipment procurement, installation and start-up.  The primary offering is the CNG equipment, as described below.

Capability Ranges

  • Flow Ranges
    • 300 to 2000 SCFM
    • 2.4 to 16 GGE/min
    • 2.1 to 14 DGE/Min
  • 150 to 300 HP

Complete CNG Systems

  • Compressor Skid, built with tubular steel from, plug-and-play installation, including
    • BBR Compressor
    • Inlet filter
    • Pressurized crankcase with recirculation loop- PREVENTS LEAKAGE
    • Electric or natural gas motor
    • Flexible direct drive coupling & guard
    • Air cooled compressor intercooler/aftercooler and air-cooled oil cooler, ASME and TEMA construction
    • Piping and tubing are stainless steel
    • Integrated moisture separator/pulsation dampener
    • Duplex final filtration using coalescing filters to remove aerosals to < 5 ppm
    • Integrated blowdown
    • Lubricating system including gear pump, oil filter
  • Gas Dryer
  • Stationary Storage
  • Priority Panel
  • Dispensing Equipment
  • Instrumentation and Controls
    • Hazardous area compliant
    • Standalone PLC
    • Soft start motor starter

Standards employed

  • American Petroleum Institute Standards (compressor design)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineering (pressure vessels, piping)
  • National Electric Code & International Electric Code (IEC) – control panels, equipment electrical design
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):
    • NFPA 52 Design Standards (natural gas for transportation, including CNG infrastructure)
  • Underwriters Laboratory: UL 508A certified Control Panels
  • Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association: TEMA Design Standards (heat exchangers) for Design and Manufacture of Heat Exchangers
  • International Standards Organization
    • ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management
    • ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services
    • OHSAS 18001 certified for Health and Safety Management
  • Independent 3rd Party testing of all pressure vessels, welding procedures, hydrostatic pressure testing, compressor safety function test, compressor performance test, container loading


BBR Compressor Features:

  • Dynamically balanced, low vibration, multi-stage, low-pressure ratio, opposed reciprocating compressor mounted on skid base with un-loaded start.
  • Skid frame mounting and complete shop interconnection of electrical and mechanical components
  • 4,500 psig discharge pressure operation
  • Spheroidal graphite (SG, ductile) cast iron crankshaft – gas tight, heavy duty ribbed single casting – pressurized up to 40 barg. This pressurized crankcase also recirculates any process gas infiltration entering into the crankcase back to the first stage, meaning zero system leakage. This is in sharp contrast to other vendors who vent this infiltrating gas to the local environment.
  • Ductile iron crankshaft with high strength mechanical properties having double row, self -aligning spherical roller bearings. Using the built-in counter weights, the crankshaft and other moving components are balanced to eliminate vibrations
  • Rugged and tough SG connecting rods with bronze / tri-metal precision bearing shells
  • SG crossheads with low friction coating and generous bearing face to reduce heat load and wear
  • Piston rods of high tensile steel with hard wearing surface for long life
  • Cast iron (low pressure) and high tensile steel (high pressure) cylinders – air cooled to eliminate water corrosion problems
  • Light weight, but durable pistons
  • Concentric combined suction and discharge valve arrangement.
  • Automatic plate valves in stainless steel
  • Compressor crankcase heater with thermostat.
  • H-type base frame providing compact equipment footprint minimizing required installation space and easy and fast installation
  • Enclosure with inside lighting and space heater
  • Crank case oil heater, standard service
  • Standard metal equipment enclosure with sound protection for 75 dBA sound level at 3 feet from enclosure
  • Actuated shut off inlet valve
  • Discharge check valve
  • Gas connection manual shutoff valve at the outlet
  • Non-lubricated, flange bolted, direct drive flex coupling between compressor shaft and drive
    • Direct drive design reduces transmission losses of more than 5 % seen with V-belt drive, providing increased savings
  • Compressor Lubrication
    • Crankshaft-driven, gear type oil pump (vs. chain) for the lubrication of moving parts (e.g. crankshaft, rod arms, connecting rods, crosshead pins and their mated bearings)
    • Crankshaft driven multi point single plunger lubrication system for lubrication of cylinders, crossheads and distance piece sealing area
    • Distributed metering of oil, ensuring precise lubrication and low oil consumption
    • Lubrication design provides benefit of long component life and low maintenance costs
    • Oil top off can be done without de-pressurizing the crankcase

Gas Dryer Features:Dryer dual regen

  • Regenerable desiccant media cylinder receives utility gas and dries to < 7 lb moisture/million standard cubic feet
  • Options
    • Regenerate manually with portable heater or with in-line heaters
    • Single or dual (right) vessel
    • Regeneration with in-line heaters:
      • Off-line (single pass)
      • On-line (parallel pass)
    • Automatic or manual regeneration initiation
      • Automatic uses moisture sensing

Stationary Storage Features:3Pack Horiz Stationary Storage

We supply stationary storage to act as a buffer for CNG fueling or for cascade fueling.

  • Spherical or cylindrical storage, mounted on steel frames
  • ASME weld certified
  • Single vessel, 3-vessel (right) or multiple vessel configurations
  • Interconnecting stainless steel tubing and valving

Dispensing Features: CNG dispenser

We supply a variety of CNG dispensing alternatives, depending on your specific needs.

  • Time fill, fast-fill or combination
    • Time fill includes posts, nozzles, hoses, valves, safeties
    • Fast fill includes dispensers, nozzles, hoses, valves, safeties
    • Fast fill dispensers (right) include
      • Single or dual fuel points
      • Fuel and money readouts
      • Standard Point of Sale communication interfaces
      • Credit card readers, password encryption pads and printers
      • Automotive and/or truck/bus flow nozzles


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