First Responders Training Course conducted by Green Ways 2Go at the West Chicago Fire Training Centre

Green Ways 2Go, under the auspices of the Chicago Area Clean Cities organization, on June 18, 19 and 20 conducted training courses on the subject of Alternative Fuel Vehicles for First Responders, gathered at the West Chicago Training Facility on 320 Kress Rd.

A total of 9 courses over three days were held, explaining the intricacies of electrical vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG), liquid natural gas vehicles (LNG), Propane vehicles, and all other variations of biodiesel and ethanol-fueled vehicles.
Green Ways 2Go is contracted by the Chicago Clean Cities organization to develop a training course that would address the most typical issues First Responders encounter in their day to day work.

Several hundred responders attended the 9-session training program and were encouraged to ask many questions on how these vehicles work, and how best to immobilize the vehicles after having been involved in crashes or experienced other damage.

A huge Thank You! to Tim Leidig facility manager for West Chicago Fire Fighters, John Walton – Chicago Clean Cities, Dave Hagopian – Advanced Vehicle Technology Services, and Lynn Stafford of Eco Vehicles.

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