Complete planning, design, installation incentive and financing support


Green Ways 2Go will assist your team in defining which types of vehicles make business sense now and in the future, including current vehicle and fleet usage assessments, alternative fuel vehicle purchasing and leasing strategies and Return On Investment modeling.

On the fueling and charging side, we can similarly provide you with good ideas and ‘what-if’ scenarios, including ROI modeling. Simply put, we can develop an upfront business plan that establishes the viability of all the investments needed when moving to alternative transportation solutions.  For more information, please see our ROI Modeling information.

Project Services

Green Ways 2Go coordinates the designs and installations of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Propane Autogas Vehicle (PAV) Fueling Systems and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems for businesses, communities, institutions and others.

Our goals are to provide you with:

– The most complete, applicable, code-compliant, safe and reliable system to fit your specific requirements.

– A single responsible contact to assist you with all aspects before, during and after your project is complete.

Please contact us for your project needs.


Green Ways 2Go is familiar with federal and state incentive programs including tax credits, rebates, grant vouchers, programs and favorable lending programs. We can assist you with the application processes for these Laws and Incentive Programs.


Green Ways 2Go can also offer flexible and competitive financing CNG packages through Atlas Copco Financing and others for equipment and for overall project costs. This makes it easy to install a complete system with a single point of contact. Offers can include a wide range of financing alternatives. including leasing, hire purchase, supplier credit and various types of project financing. We also have a range of other financial partners that we can introduce to support clients. We have connections with other organizations and individuals that might be interested in equity and/or debt participation on a given project.